Martial Arts

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Martial Arts

There are many styles of martial art, each quite unique, however there are a few more common styles. 3 martial arts styles are available and presented here.

They count as exotic weapons so most characters will require a feat to use them.

Mror Holds Hammer Style

The most common style from the dwarves of the Mror Holds its called the Hammer style because it mimics the blows of a hammer. It relies not on str but on repeated movement.

1d6, uses con Can use any feat that a hammer can use

Drunken Boxing

Originating from the initial Quori invasion, this style allows the user to function even when disoriented or drunk.

1d4, uses dex Encounter; Immediate Interrupt: If an opponent misses you you may make a basic melee attack

The Silver Archer

Known by many names this style includes the basic forms of the Argent Fist and is most common in Thrane. In countries where the Church of the Silver Flame is uncommon this style often has another name however the style is distinctive enough that it easily recognisable.

1d6, uses dex Daily Power: Ranged attack 1d6, 10/20

12 Animal Styles

The original forms were taught to the Gatekeeper druids by their patron. It has been expanded on and developed mostly by shifters and is mostly commonly found in their communities. It can still be found with some tribes of Gatekeeper Orc’s in the marshes.

1d6, uses str Encounter Power: add wis to either attack roll or damage roll

Martial Arts

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