Strike Force

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Strike Force, working title Encounter Adventure for a group of players, level 4.

The Dragonmarked Houses are if not the most wealthy organisations on Khovaire then among the greatest. They have the economic potential of nations and that potential springs from their primary assets, their Dragonmarked members, as sure as taxes.

Enormous resources are channelled into protecting those assets. Guards are employed, buildings are fortified, procedures are codified, information is purchased and false trails are laid. All to better ensure the survival of their primary assets.

Several Houses provide services dedicated to protecting the assets of others and their scions routinely brave danger. Yet even they find cause to protect what is theirs.

Competition between houses is fierce but business interests dictate that aggression against the others is bad for business. So a certain degree of co-operation exists, at least on the surface, as there are other more obvious threats to protect against.

The protection of key assets is never trusted to another house and routine protection is often outsourced to one of the Houses that offers such services. Beyond these distinctions lies a grey area of tangled assets and interests.

One group that offers services in this grey area is a rare example of inter-house co-operation, The strangely named “12 animal collection agency”.

Strike Force

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