Scales of War

Scales of War: Eberron

The world has never been a safe place. Bastions of civilisation populate a dark, menacing world; islands of order and reason exist in a land otherwise overrun by dark cults, vile monsters, creatures from the dark edges of the imagination, and worse. In the wake of a war to end all wars, something has begun to stir on the fringes of the civilised world. A swirl of leaves, a formation of moss on a stone, what seams a small thing may be the spear head of a new and more deadly conflict.

In 2 days time New Cyre will celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the death of its nation. In a city/town built by the scattered refugees upon borrowed land many “houses” began as tents and what was once a small farming village in an out of the way part of Breland is now home to the displaced people of Cyre.

It has been several days since you all arrived in New Cyre/Brindol. For some it was a return home and for others merely another stop on the road. In 2 days the Festival of Mourning will commence, a steady stream of people have been arriving and you were lucky to get a room at an Inn. Tents, stalls, and pavilions have been erected under the watchful eye of Prince Oargev and everyone in New Cyre is doing there part to make sure that the Festival of Mourning is a time of celebration and hope for the future.

Part 0: . Character Creation, and a few days in New Cyre.

Following the “Scales of War” series of adventures. Beginning with “Rescue at Rivenroar” and continuing onwards. I am looking for 2 to 5 players. If there are less than 5 players or players drop out then the spaces will be filled with NPCs. These NPCs will be operated by the DM in non-encounter situations and by players in encounter situations.

All players will begin at level 1. You may use any WOTC approved material, subject also to the DMs approval.

Character sheets will be laid out in a thread assigned to each character. This thread will include “copy and paste” pre formatted stat blocks to enable ease of posting and allow more time for creative role-play. For a few examples of this please refer to this post.

Role-playing is encouraged, however as it is 4e encounters of different sorts will be prominent. Play-by-post is more suited to role-playing than the mechanic and as such experience will be assigned 50% mechanical success and 50% roleplaying. Experience is divided among the group.

Characters should have a concept. That means, backgrounds and descriptions etc… I would encourage players to form a “party” rather than a collections of “individuals”.

The setting is Eberron, however this this need not be a major factor in the adventure. However, should you choose you may enjoy any facet of the Eberron setting. I would like to avoid to many house rules so I would suggest altering the flavour of existing options rather than making new ones.

Should combat encounters become a drag then we will consider a short-hand version of combat. The gist of this system will be that each character will be like a minion with 4 hits. It will be a discretionary system so don’t get too worked up by the implications of multiple area attacks :-)

So I am looking for expressions of interest?

If that interest includes a character concept then by all means put one up there. If you have questions please fire away. Assuming sufficient interest I will look to have a forum application up in a week or two. I would realistically expect that we could manage a few encounters, perhaps the whole adventure within a few months if everybody gets involved, supports each other, communicates with each other, and posts with some regularity.

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Part 1: Rescue at Rivenroar

Scales of War

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