Festival of Mourning

Having returned to the Inn the previous evening you gather as has been your habit since arriving in New Cyre to break your fast a little after sun up. The landlord has offered you the use of a private dinning room each morning at no expense to you. This has allowed you to speak your mind or not as each of you desires.

Breakfast this morning consists of apples and oats with a little of the last evenings broth.

As you eat and after you talk of the past, the poor condition of the roads and your plans once the festival ends. You have heard that Prince Oargev offers commission to those that are willing to brave the dangers of the Mournland to retrieve objects of Old Cyre.

Here we are! The classic beginning; a bunch of adventurers in an inn. Please note that the time is just after dawn which I think is a nice twist on the conventional evening scenario.

I am travelling down country for two days away from the internet. I hope in this time you can work together to develop your characters. When I return I will look into finding a home other than this thread and provide what I can towards your characters.

The festival begins on Wir 4 Olarune 998 YK, 4 years after the Day of Mourning. It continues through the weeks end till Wir the 11th. The first day is the most important with another major day of celebration at the weeks end, the 8th. Between the 4th and the 8th each day is given to crafts, competitions, storytelling, and feasting. The days following the weekend are used for trade and evening remembrance of a more private nature. The last official evening of the festival is Wir the 11th. Starting in the afternoon people gather at a nearby natural amphitheatre where traditional performances of Cyre are showcased and Prince Oargev addresses his people.

Festival of Mourning

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